Introducing Mobile Analytics and User Data in Zendesk

Jan 04, 2018 | Product, Integrations

Introducing Mobile Analytics and User Data in Zendesk Integrates app user data with ZendeskClose the loop by linking user data through Zendesk. We've done all the hard work of connectingZendesk to mobile apps for you. With your user activity and metrics can be automatically sent to Zendesk where you can measure your mobile app performance in one place.

How does it work?

App developers insert our software development kit (SDK) into their app and add a little bit of code. Afterwards, your mobile app begins sending data to Our software interprets the data and stores it in our platform. If you link your account with Zendesk, can automatically create and assign Zendesk tickets to your team based on app events. We've added to some apps in less than an hour.

Zendesk in includes customizable criteria to trigger custom actions. Triggering criteria include screen views, session length, event, conversion goals or crashes. Once you have defined your trigger, you can create a Zendesk Ticket and select the Agent you would like to have your new Zendesk Ticket assigned too.Zendesk_Integration7.jpg


Interested in is a mobile app analytics tool and marketing platform that provides app statistics, metrics, tracking and monitoring capabilities. provides the foundation to build a decision supporting tool, that will help leaders know the performance of their mobile apps, but more importantly, understand the data behind users behavior. Get started today with a free trial.

Adam Hass

Adam Hass

I'm a military veteran and former police officer turned entrepreneur, marketer and engineer. I taught myself programming at the age of 12 and have always been driven by a love for entrepreneurship. I joined the military after high school and served in Iraq before getting my degree from Columbia College. I'm also the founder and CEO of where we combine technology and marketing to deliver better results.

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