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Trends in Mobile Marketing Today

We here at like to stay on the leading edge of mobile marketing. To do so, we decided to survey just over 300 mobile marketers and get their[...]

4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

What is an 'effective application'? Developers have been asking themselves that since mobile applications came into existence, and honestly, there is[...]

6 Tips to make a stunning App Icon

With Icons being the first thing users see from your application, it is extremely important that your icon makes a lasting impression. We have[...]

Oct 19, 2018 |

6 Tips to Write an Impactful App Description

So you nailed your app creation, gave it a great name and created an awesome icon for it, now what? A stellar app description has the ability to win[...]

Defining Your Mobile App Strategy

Creating a mobile app can be difficult, but creating a mobile app strategy can be even harder. Mobile App Strategies provide developers with a way to[...]

5 Mobile Application Metrics to Measure

Mobile app monitoring is beginning to become common practice for most mobile app developers. The amount of data that can be measured from applications[...]

How to Use Workflows to Onboard New Users with's Integration With HubSpot

For a lot of companies, onboarding new users can take up an unforeseen amount of time and resources. Without the proper systems in place, these[...]

How to Market to App Users in Real-Time Using HubSpot

Today, everything is done in real-time. Streaming, news reporting and social interactions are all done immediately and consistently. It's about time[...]

How to Use HubSpot Lists & Workflows to Re-engage With Dormant App Users

So your app has been receiving loads and loads of downloads, which means its really successful. Right? While downloads can be a great indication of[...]

How to Use Email Marketing to Drive App Downloads

The technology industry is constantly changing and evolving, so to stay relevant marketers have to be constantly evolving as well. With all of this[...]

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