10 Custom In-App Events Every SaaS Company Should Track

10 Custom In-App Events Every SaaS Company Should Track

With the state of analytics today, there is no shortage of things you can track within your app. While that means that we are more informed than ever, that also means that we are constantly seeing metrics that may not mean a whole lot to us. With this in mind we identified the 10 best custom metrics that all SaaS companies should keep an eye on.

1. User Registration

User registration is a great event to track because it helps to see the most accurate picture of how many users have begun using your app. While downloads are a good indicator too, tracking when a user finishes registering can provide insight into who is actively using your app and who is just downloading it.

2. Usage of Integrations

Tracking how users interact with your integrations is another good event to track because it can help you clarify if your users are finding your integrations useful. With this information you can decide which integrations you need to improve, and which ones you need to ditch.

3. Downloaded Mobile App

A user can register with your company through a web app, but it is important to know if they ever download your mobile app. Having this information about your users can make sure that you are providing them with the correct support and information depending on where and how they are interacting with your product.

4. Connect with Social Media?

Tracking if your users are using social media platforms to register for your app can help you get a better grasp on what networks your users (and perhaps some potential users) are using. If you find many of your users signing in using Facebook, you can put more effort into marketing to Facebook users.

5. Addition of Team Members

Tracking which users are adding extra teammates to their account is a great way of indicating how much your users are using your app. Once you identify when new team members are being added, you can track the individual members to ensure you are getting a clear picture of who is using the app. It will also help you determine who is using the app more, whether its their marketing department or developers.

6. Convert from free trial to paid version

Tracking when a user goes from a free trial to a paid version can help notify you when a user turns from potential to actual. Being able to identify when users convert to the paid version can help alert your team and help to jumpstart the full onboarding process, making the process easier and more efficient.

7. User Enters Payment Information

When a user enters their payment information it can be an indicator of many things. It can mean they are ready to enter the paid version of your app, make in app purchases or upgrade the version of their app, so being made aware of when they enter that information can be important information for you. Once the event is triggered you can reach out to them with relevant information about your product, or if the event isn't triggered you can send them reminders to fill out the information to continue with the onboarding process.

8. Engagement with a certain feature

Tracking a users interaction with specific features can help you identify what users are primarily using your app for. You can use this information to help fix features that users aren't using, and push features that are being frequented.

9. Someone requests demo

Being alerted to a potential user requesting a demo can make it very easy to begin the process of potentially closing a user. Once this event is triggered you can be made aware and proceed with your typical sales funnel. Whether its following up with an email or phone call, you can begin reaching out to your potential users as soon as possible when you are made aware of a demo being set up.

10. User Opens Support Ticket

When a user opens a support ticket, it means that they are incurring an issue. To ensure your users are having the best experience possible in your app, handling these tickets should be done quickly and efficiently. By tracking this event, you can ensure that your team is notified immediately when a support ticket is opened and make sure it is handled as soon as possible.

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Overall, there are plenty of things that can be tracked within an app, make sure what you are tracking matters to you. And if you want to begin tracking custom events in your app make sure to check out out at AppLink.io.






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