4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

What is an 'effective application'? Developers have been asking themselves that since mobile applications came into existence, and honestly, there is no one-size fits all scale for what makes an app effective. We decided to brainstorm and come up with a couple benchmarks that we feel all great apps have and talk about why we believe they help make apps effective.

Compelling UI/UX

This is pretty obvious, all great applications have a compelling and memorable User Interface and User Experience. You want your users time on your application to be simple, enjoyable and memorable. While you might have an extremely useful application, if the apps interface is shotty and dull, users might avoid using your app all together.

Cross-Device Efficiency

In the era of connectivity, cross-device efficiency is more crucial than ever. Users are not just on one device anymore. For example, I use apps on my phone, tablet and smartwatch, and there are lots of people who are just like me. While it may be time consuming, making sure your application is consistent and connected between devices will make your customers experience a lot more enjoyable.

Always Evolving

Stagnant applications don't have a place in todays app store. With the speed at which technology is evolving, applications need to stay abreast of whats current in the industry. Listen to customer feedback, send out surveys and keep in contact with connections in the mobile app industry to make sure you don't fall behind in the rapidly changing technology field.

Crash Monitoring and Profiling Tools

Along with constantly updating your applications interface and functionality, you want to make sure to improve the stuff behind the scenes as well. Using crash monitoring software will allow you to see how your app is performing and what needs to be done to improve it. And with AppLink.io's real time crash monitoring, you are able to deal with crashes immediately and make sure that all problems with your applications processes are handled in a timely manner, to ensure a working app for your users.

The 10 most important mobile app metrics to measure

AppLink.io is a mobile app analytics tool and marketing platform that provides app statistics, metrics, tracking and monitoring capabilities. AppLink.io provides the foundation to build a decision supporting tool, that will help leaders know the performance of their mobile apps, but more importantly, understand the data behind users behavior. Want to learn more?Check us out!

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