5 Mobile Application Metrics to Measure

5 Mobile Application Metrics to Measure

Mobile app monitoring is beginning to become common practice for most mobile app developers. The amount of data that can be measured from applications is both a blessing and a curse. One of the hardest things developers have to do when measuring app performance is decide what is worthy of being tracked and what isn’t. Below are 5 different metrics that you need to measure during your next monitoring sweep.

1. Launch & Resume Time

This is important because laggy apps can really turn off users. Launching an app is a users first interaction with your app, make sure its a good one. While resume times may be shorter than launch times, they are just as important. Pulling an already opened app smoothly from the background is still crucial to your users experience with your app.

2. UI Response Efficiency

UI or User Interface is what users can interact with in your app. Measure the UI response time the way it would be perceived by a user. In the past UI was measured by when the network received the request, but users do not care when the network receives their request. Instead, measure UI response from when the user triggers an action, and when the action is delivered to them.

3. Crashes and Their Impacts on Your Business

While tracking crashes may be common sense, most apps don’t stop to look at the bigger picture. Be sure to measure what the user did to cause the crash, how many users are impacted by this single crash and the different types of crashes your app encounters. Measuring all of these crash based data makes it easier to handle crashes and helps developers with deciding the severity of crashes.

4. Errors

Just like with crashes, you want to make sure you measure some metrics surrounding the errors. Metrics like, what the user did to receive the error, how many users received the error and how many users receive errors daily. Looking at all of these numbers instead of looking at just the number of errors gives you further insight on the errors and how to approach them.

5. Battery Consumption

One of the most important factors users look for when purchasing a new device is batter life. So its safe to assume that your users are very sensitive to device battery life. If your app drains your users battery, they will likely ditch your app to save a couple percentages. If you notice your app is draining the batteries of devices its installed on, look at ways to tone it down.

Overall, there is no shortage of app data that developers should measure. While it may seem time-intensive, monitoring your app is very important and can be the difference between an app that is struggling to be downloaded and an app that is topping the charts.

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