6 Tips to make a stunning App Icon

6 Tips to make a stunning App Icon

With Icons being the first thing users see from your application, it is extremely important that your icon makes a lasting impression. We have identified 6 key tips to make a memorable app icon for your application.

1. Focus on a Unique Shape

One of the key features of an effective app icon is how easily recognizable it is. Using a unique shape in your icon allows your app to be recognized from a distance and at a quick glance. This unique shape will help your app stand out from the over 6 million apps in the app store.

2. Accurately Portray Materials/Consistency

While having a unique icon is nice, you want to make sure that your icon is accurately portraying your application. Twitter has the bird, Instagram has the camera and FaceBook has the 'F', all of which are in line with the application that the icon represents. Find a way to portray your application, or a main feature of your application, in a way that is not only accurate but also engaging.

3. Test your app icon on different wallpapers

This is one of the biggest things that a lot of app developers do not always do. Your app may look good on your screen or background, but it could look terrible on other backgrounds. Test different colors, background patters and dimness levels to make sure that your icon is versatile and can work well with almost any background.

4. Uniqueness

This goes hand in hand with finding a unique shape. Being unique is going to be one of the only factors that sets you apart from the other applications in the app store right away. So try to find a combination of colors and shapes that will make your icon pop. But you have to also keep in mind the other tips we discusses, make sure it works with your application and that it can fit in with most backgrounds.

5. Strive for Minimalism

Even though we have multiple points discussing how important being unique is, having a minimalistic icon may be even more important. If your icon has too much clutter, it may make users want to avoid it because it isn't ascetically pleasing. So its very important to find the perfect level of unique and minimal, to keep from scaring off potential users.

6. Avoid Using a Photo

Finally, avoid using photos. If you find a photo that perfectly portrays your app, remake the photo digitally. While a photo stands out, it stands out for the wrong reasons. But if you use a digital rendition of the photo it may still have the unique qualities of the photo that you initially wanted to use, but with out the 'sore thumb' look of a photo icon.

If you keep all of these tips in mind while creating your app icon, you will be able to design an icon that grabs attention and looks great while doing it.

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