Best Ways to Use Push Notifications For Your App

Best Ways to Use Push Notifications For Your App

Push notifications can be an applications best opportunity too keep users engaged with their application. But with great power comes great responsibility. So make sure that you are using your push notifications responsibly and follow the tips below.

Pique curiosity

Send push notifications for things that would catch the attention of your users. Even though all of your users will see the notifications, not everyone will interact with it if it doesn't interest them. Use the information you have received from your users and develop notifications that will keep your users interested.

Help users meet their goals

For fitness, nutrition tracking and lifestyle based apps, tailor your notifications towards reminding your users about their goals. These notifications remind users why they downloaded your app and shows them what the purpose of your app is.

Remind users to complete an action

You can use push notifications to remind users that there are actions that they need to complete within your app. Whether its shopping apps like Target or Lifestyle apps like GolfNow, use notifications to drive users back into your application to finish up purchasing something that may have been left in their 'carts' or that they may be in the middle of purchasing.

Make users feel like an insider

If your app is content-centered, try to provide your users with information that isn't available through other outlets. Once you start providing other-wise hard to find information, you will build a stronger following. Use your notifications to alert users when new 'breaking' news hits, so that they can be the first to read it.

Keep users updated

Push notifications are a very easy way to keep your users in the loop. Do you have new features on your app? Tell your users about it! You can also let users know about future application updates, company updates and other miscellaneous information that your users would find interesting.

Be creative

Make your notifications stand out. Don't be afraid to use fun/different language to draw attention to your notifications. While having informative push notifications is nice, if users don't interact with it, then it wasn't very useful. Make sure your notifications stand out and draw interest from your users.

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