How to Re-engage Your Apps Dormant Users

How to Re-engage Your Apps Dormant Users

If you are seeing a drop off in users, it could be due to a lack of engagement between your application and your long time users. Getting users engaged is one thing (discussed in this blog), keeping those users engaged is a whole different beast. Below are a couple helpful tips to boost engagement in long term users.

Triggered Emails

Set up emails that will be sent out to users after a certain period of time has passed where they haven't interacted with your application. These emails can serve as reminders of what your app has to offer, and what they could be missing. These emails need to be precise and the value your app has to offer has to be clearly communicated with them.

In-App Communications

Simple chat sections or contact links could prevent users from ditching your application. Use these resources to help customers through difficulties and communicate with customers about your application. One of the biggest reasons users drop usage of an app is difficulty. If they can't figure it out, they don't want any part of it. Providing them with an outlet to express these difficulties can help you address them individually before they decide to drop your app.

Keep Users in the loop about new application updates

Finally, make sure to communicate application updates with all of your users. There may be users that stopped using your app because you were missing some capabilities, and your update could address those capabilities and re-interest those otherwise lost users in your app. While this is a helpful way to re-engage your users, it will only work if you have a working knowledge of what your users want. Make sure to read reviews, and keep communication ports open with your users. For help with receiving more reviews read here.

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