How to Use HubSpot Lists & Workflows to Re-engage With Dormant App Users

How to Use HubSpot Lists & Workflows to Re-engage With Dormant App Users

So your app has been receiving loads and loads of downloads, which means its really successful. Right? While downloads can be a great indication of your apps initial attractiveness, you have to look a little deeper to get a clearer picture of your apps performance.

Retention and engagement rates help to show how your users are interacting with your app post-download. Retention shows how many of your users are returning to your app and engagement shows you what your users are doing while in your app. So while receiving a lot of downloads can look great, if your retention and engagement rates are slipping, your app could be in need of some work.


Retention has become a huge point of emphasis for apps recently, and for good reason. Apps are only seeing 24% user retention after 3 months. So it's easy to see why everyone is concerning themselves with retention. 

Thankfully, with marketing automation tools like HubSpot, increasing your apps user retention is easy and quick. Here are a few ways that HubSpot can help boost your apps retention rates.

- Build a Custom List


With HubSpots 'Lists' function, you can easily generate different user lists depending on the last time they interacted with your app. These lists can prove to be handy when sending out specific targeted content to certain users if you feel like they have dropped off. And with's integration with HubSpot you can see the last time a user actually used your app. Using this information you can create a list for users who haven't logged into your app in the last 30 days, and that aren't in a retention workflow and begin re-engaging with them. 

- Create an Email Marketing Campaign


HubSpot's 'Email' feature allows companies to create great emails easily. Using the custom list you built above, you can create target email campaigns with specific call to actions, custom content and targeted deals. These campaigns can be easily tracked through HubSpot to ensure your email marketing campaign is as efficient as possible. use HubSpot CTAs for your app store icons to measure clicks.

PRO TIP: Use Deep Links to send users to specific places in your app and measure campaign performance. 

- Create Custom WorkFlows


'Workflows' are probably my favorite part of HubSpots marketing automation software. To create a workflow you just decide how you want to re-engage users, when and how many times. Using the dynamic list we made above, you can trigger an email to be sent anytime a user is more than 30 days inactive. Thanks to workflows your follow up efforts are now completely automated and you can check your results and tune as needed. 

Along with emails, workflows can also trigger the sending of internal notifications to team members instructing them to reach out to a specific user, sending push notifications and setting tasks for your team to follow up again in a given time period.

With, all of these features in HubSpot are even stronger. Thanks to our partnership with HubSpot all of your app data is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot, bringing marketing automation to mobile apps. 

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