21 Mobile Apps that Marketers Love

21 Mobile Apps that Marketers Love

With the rise of social media, marketing analytics and website chat, marketing has become more and more real-time over the last decade. Marketers need to be responsive to prospects, customers, sales team and executives at all hours -- whether they are in front of their computer or not.


To figure out how they keep up, we teamed up with the research team at Databox (www.databox.com) to ask marketers, “What is your favorite mobile app that you use for work?”

We discovered just how how important mobile apps are to marketers.

The answer: very.

Two thirds of the marketers we surveyed replied that it’s “very” or “extremely” important that their SaaS software has a mobile app:

Fortunately, most modern SaaS tools have a mobile app available for Android and IOS operating systems.

And marketers certainly make use of that mobility. 63% of our respondents use five or more apps in a typical work week. And 13% use 11 or more:

But which apps do they use?

We received a wide range of answers from the 27 marketers who responded.

Read on to see what they suggested, or click a category below to jump to a specific group.

 1. Communication

2. Project Management & Collaboration

3. Social Media

4. Analytics

5. Time & Expense Tracking

6. Live Chat

7. Organization


 Of the types of app we asked about, there was only one category that every marketer had downloaded: communication apps.


Gabriel Marguglio, Nextiny

“With the Aircall mobile app we can answer our office's phone lines directly from our cell phones. This permits the team to answer calls from customers and sales leads immediately while also allowing us to call people back without giving out our personal cell phone numbers.”

“This centralized phone system keeps communication in one place, with a defined path for each type of call’s destination and defined teams as recipients. It allows team members the peace of mind of knowing that nobody will be calling them on their cell phones and permits us to set up individual extensions which lets us transfer calls to specific people and assign voicemails to them further ensuring that they will call the person back.”

“With Aircall's HubSpot integration, we can also get directly into the HubSpot CRM record of the caller with one click, providing context to these sales or service calls with all of the data that has been accumulating about the record in the HubSpot CRM.”


Andrew Ruditser, MAXBURST

“Running a busy digital agency comes with many challenges. The importance of organized communication that can be easily sorted and searched between team members is invaluable.” 

“For us, Slack is a convenient way to communicate with our team. [T]he user interface is what we love the most because it makes it incredibly simple to organize conversations and stay on top of things.”

Will Craig, LeaseFetcher

“It's one of the few collaboration apps that I've come across that works just as well in mobile app form, as on your desktop or laptop. It's become really important to the day-to-day running of LeaseFetcher, helping to streamline communication between our team—who can often be spread across multiple locations across the country.”

“I often find that communication apps can be too flashy for their own good and that [their] usability can ultimately suffer in the end. Slack strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and depth, making it a great option to go for if you just want an easy to use app that doesn't try to blind you with features.”

McCall Robison, BestCompany

“We use the app to communicate with one another about questions we may have or important information we need to relay quickly. There are a few people within our company who work remotely, so slack is our main basis of conversation with them. It enables us to work effectively and cohesively with everyone on our team, even if they are states away. “

“It’s a lot more productive to shoot someone a quick slack message than to craft an entire email, especially when emails can get lost in the sea that is your inbox.”

“We have dedicated slack channels for every part of our company, such as ‘reporting,’ ‘hr,’ and ‘general.’ It helps immensely to have separate slack channels for various work projects and departments because it allows us to keep the information and communication regarding those subjects in one place.”

Pat Ahern, Junto

“Having a team that is 90% remote, Slack is our go-to messaging platform for communicating with our team in real time. We use it to share personal and business updates on a daily basis.”

Steve James, Stream Creative

“Slack provides our team the flexibility to communicate quickly and keep updated on all of the internal agency/client updates at a moments notice. For some of us who are more remote than others during the day the mobile app is essential.”

“The app is also incredibly easy to change from one Workspace to another when we need to move to discussions with other partner or industry channel discussions.”

“Our team ends up using the calling feature in slack more than the office direct lines or our personal mobile as well. It changed the way we communicate as a team and I know [it] has helped our team culture in a positive way.”


Michal Strahilevitz, University of Wollongong

“I use it to communicate with people all over the world. I can leave them voice messages any time of day or night without waking them up, and both VOIP voice and video calls are outstanding.”

Project Management & Collaboration



 Joe Goldstein, Contractor Calls

“We use Asana for project management, team management, assigning one-off tasks, and more. Nowadays, I'll use the mobile app to cue up tasks for myself or other team members as soon as they come in, whether I'm at a computer or not.”

“Asana has been indispensable for making sure that all of the odds and ends of business don't slip through the cracks. 


Chantelle Stevenson, ClearPivot

“Coda is a fairly new app that has made its way into our work environment.”

“It is an innovative collaborative space where Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google Sheets seem to come together for epic project collaboration. Comments, links, and due dates can be inputted under each project, separated by months within the project scope.”

 “Within each month, each task is clearly visible with filters such as category, production quarter, production month, publish month, status, publish date, assignee, topic, and associated notes.” 


Aneesh Babu, Backlinkminds

“Evernote helps my business to keep notes and ideas in an organized manner. Other than that I can prepare checklist, do research, and discuss with companions.”

Google Drive

Raul Tiru, GlobalOwls

“We love Google Drive because it helps us organize all our documents in the cloud. It makes it possible for every team member to have access to all documents on any device. We often use it on mobile to get quick access and to collaborate in real time.”

“Google Drive has many 'undiscovered' possibilities. You can integrate numerous apps to enrich your documents and experience. We couldn't live without it.”


Ibro Palic, Seattle SEO Services

“Trello is quite simple, and that’s the beauty of it. You move cards—which you populate with tasks—from left to right on a board. You create a number of columns to track progress from the inception of the task to its completion.”

Social Media

Adobe PhotoShop Express

Richard George, Print4Hospitality

“If you are the sort of person that likes to post social media pictures on the fly this is the app for you. It is free, powerful and yet easy to use.”

“It had some excellent editing tools, in addition to the basic editing functions such as cropping, it has some excellent filters, borders and a host of other tools.”

“If you have an Adobe Cloud subscription it will synchronise with PhotoShop CC.”


Andrew McLoughlin, Colibri Digital Marketing

“Buffer is a social media automation system that queues and publishes posts according to preset schedules." 

“With an automation platform like this, it's all about the ‘set it and forget it’ simplicity. It just handles things for you in the background, then tabulates the performance of your posts for later review.” 


Jennifer Noto, Carolinas IT

“Hootsuite is a social media application that allows you to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms. It's primarily a website application, but the mobile app has gotten some recent updates that make it a lot more user-friendly.”

“For example, I can now schedule posts on-the-go for LinkedIn, which was previously unsupported. Using Hootsuite is a more efficient way for me to post on all our social media platforms when I'm at an event. I previously would have to post on each platform individually, and it was very tedious and time-consuming.”


Rick Kranz, OverGo Studio

“Quik allows us to create Facebook and Instagram videos that get attention. It is simple to use. It allows text overlays, comes with licensed songs, and built-in transitions that seem to work well on social platforms. You can produce videos in 16:9 or 1:1 square format. The square format is perfect for Facebook and Instagram ads. "


Pete Caputa IV, Databox

“I’m probably in the minority of business professionals who would say that Twitter is a productive tool for business. But, I find it irreplaceable for soliciting feedback, prospecting, engaging customers, and supporting our partners.” 

“Where else can you share an idea with the world and get immediate feedback? I often Tweet ideas I have in the morning and by the middle of the day, I know whether I’m crazy or whether the idea has legs.”

Here is an example:

“From a sales perspective, email and phone prospecting has gotten harder and harder. But, on any given day, I can go to Twitter, and start a conversation with a prospect by responding to something they wrote or following up with them after they responded to something I Tweeted.” 



Richard Wood, Six & Flow

“The Databox app is great as it gives me access to our internal agency and key client reports in real time—which means I have access to all our high-level (and some really detailed things too) stats at all times.”

Google Analytics

Nick Leffler, Exprance

“Google Analytics is the most useful app for my work because it guides almost every action taken to optimize a website. It's a great app for reviewing how people are using your website and where improvements can be made.”

“Google Analytics has even begun to give short reports for important stats that give you actionable advice on what you can do to improve your website effectiveness.”

Time & Expense Tracking


Hamna Amjad, SIA Enterprises

“It can be hard to monitor your employees when you are managing a remote team. Keeping track of what they are doing, how they are utilizing their time and what you need to pay them can be a bit complex.”

“But Hubstaff solves this problem as it’s a time-tracking and employee monitoring software which lets you observe your employees working habits and patterns and also allows you to use that data to improve your team’s productivity and overall efficiency.”

“It can calculate your employees’ pays based on their individual pay rates and the total time they spent on work, and save a lot of your time.”


Kathleen Booth, IMPACT

“Tallie makes it SO easy for me to file and track expenses when I'm on the go. I particularly love that if I take a client to lunch or have to travel, I can use the mobile app to snap a photo of the receipt on the spot and it uploads automatically to my account.”

“This means fewer lost receipts and no cranky emails from our CFO come expense time!”

Live Chat


Devin Stagg, Pupford

“Tidio is a chat integration for websites with a very robust toolset, even in the free version. The Tidio app is extremely user-friendly, provides consistent notifications for chats (others typically lack here) and even allows you to see what customers are saying as they chat.”

“Tidio has enabled us here at Pupford to close sales, win over customers, and give advice while on the go. A real must-have app, especially for eCommerce sites.”

“Another thing we've loved about Tidio and their app is that even the free version allows for multiple operators, automated responses, and so much more. Their free version is better than what most other chat apps charge for!”

ZOHO SalesIQ Website Live Chat

Colton De Vos, Resolute Technology Solutions

“The SalesIQ mobile app sends live chat sessions from visitors on our website straight to me—wherever I am. I prefer to answer live chat discussion from my laptop but its not practical all of the time."

“The live chat mobile app allows the lead generation tool to stay active even when I'm away from my desk. I can answer our website visitors right from my smartphone or set the status to away if I'm unable to answer. It opens up the window for more sales requests without forcing someone to stay longer hours in the office.”

“There are many live chat platforms out there but we went with SalesIQ as it had a great free version, an easy-to-install WordPress plugin, and the mobile app I just mentioned which allows you to pick up website live chats as if you were answering a phone call.”


Google Calendar

Sean Si, SEO Hacker

“Since most of my work days are spent on the road, meeting different businesses that want to avail our SEO services, Google Calendar helps me organize my meetings for a week—it lets me know what time I'm available for meetings and what specific days of the week.”

“Another benefit that it brings to me is to that it serves as a reminder for me that I have a meeting for a specific date and time. Google Calendar allows me to make the most out of my work days and to organize my workload in the most efficient and helpful way possible.”“I have other calendar apps that I use in order to test which of them works the best for me, however, I still go back to Google Calendar since this is the app that works the best for me, and so far, no other calendar app has overtaken the usability, efficiency, and helpfulness of Google Calendar.”


Jonathan Aufray, Growth Hackers

“At work, I use many different apps and tools. It means I need to create accounts and passwords for all of them. I don't want to have the password for each of them and it's almost impossible to remember all the different passwords I create." 

“LastPass is great for that. The app creates a secured password for you and all you need to do is remember 1 password (The one I use for LastPass).”

Find the Tool That Works for You

As you can see, marketers use lots of different tools for lots of different activities -- some specific to the marketing activities they must execute, some a bit more salesy and many for communicating with their team. 

And there are many more, too. We got other recommendations that didn’t fit neatly into those categories. 

For example, Stuart Dixon from Provance recommends the HubSpot mobile app as “an awesome add-on to the CRM. It helps to keep up to date with deals and leads, tells you when an email recipient opens an email you send them and also can be used to manage live chats on your website.”

SmartBug Media’s Drew Cohen likes Location Scan for local SEO. Mackenzie Thompson from National Health Care Provider Solutions uses the Upwork app on a daily basis to outsource projects and communicate with freelancers. 

It all depends on what your company needs and which apps you find work best.

What is your favorite mobile app that you use for work? Share in the comments below or via this form, so we can add your favorite the next time we update this post.


Dann Albright

Dann Albright

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