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We Improved our HubSpot Integration. Here's What you Need to Know.

If you know anything about, you know how much we love HubSpot. They were the first company we integrated with. And we have noticed that a[...]

4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

What is an 'effective application'? Developers have been asking themselves that since mobile applications came into existence, and honestly, there is[...]

6 Tips to make a stunning App Icon

With Icons being the first thing users see from your application, it is extremely important that your icon makes a lasting impression. We have[...]

How to Use Email Marketing to Drive App Downloads

The technology industry is constantly changing and evolving, so to stay relevant marketers have to be constantly evolving as well. With all of this[...]

Boston Day 1 Recap

After a Monday filled with travel, yesterday was our first full day in Boston, and it was filled with some awesome experiences. Heres a recap of our[...]

How to Re-engage Your Apps Dormant Users

If you are seeing a drop off in users, it could be due to a lack of engagement between your application and your long time users. Getting users engaged[...]

How to Respond to Apple App Store Reviews

For most of your users, reviews may be the only way that they can get their voices heard. And for you, reviews offer a glimpse into the mind of your[...]

7 Creative Ways to Promote Your App (for free!)

Promoting your application can be a relentless and sometimes daunting task. So here are a couple creative (and free) ways to promote your app that will[...]

6 Methods to Get More App Reviews

 Getting users to review your app can be difficult, but they are crucial to your apps image and credibility. So what can you do to begin increasing the[...]

How to Get More App Downloads

So you’ve developed an app, but now what? As we have already discussed, App Store Optimization can be crucial to the success, and number of downloads,[...]

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