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Trends in Mobile Marketing Today

We here at like to stay on the leading edge of mobile marketing. To do so, we decided to survey just over 300 mobile marketers and get their[...]

4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

What is an 'effective application'? Developers have been asking themselves that since mobile applications came into existence, and honestly, there is[...]

Best Ways to Use Push Notifications For Your App

Push notifications can be an applications best opportunity too keep users engaged with their application. But with great power comes great[...]

How to Respond to Google Play App Reviews

For most of your users, reviews may be the only way that they can get their voices heard. And for you, reviews offer a glimpse into the mind of your[...]

7 Creative Ways to Promote Your App (for free!)

Promoting your application can be a relentless and sometimes daunting task. So here are a couple creative (and free) ways to promote your app that will[...]

5 Strategies for Launching a Successful Startup

According to the founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, "Success is 99 percent failure."

Maybe for some, that’s the case. However, a solid marketing[...]

6 Methods to Get More App Reviews

 Getting users to review your app can be difficult, but they are crucial to your apps image and credibility. So what can you do to begin increasing the[...]

How to Get More App Downloads

So you’ve developed an app, but now what? As we have already discussed, App Store Optimization can be crucial to the success, and number of downloads,[...]

Jan 11, 2018 | Analytics, Mobile APM

Differences Between Mobile App and Web Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring, or Application Performance Management (APM), has become the de facto standard for providing better customer[...]


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