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What I Learned After My First 6 Months at a Startup

I started with in June 2018 and now that it's December, it has officially been 6 months since I joined the team. And now that I have been in[...]

4 Key Mobile App Performance Practices

What is an 'effective application'? Developers have been asking themselves that since mobile applications came into existence, and honestly, there is[...]

6 Tips to make a stunning App Icon

With Icons being the first thing users see from your application, it is extremely important that your icon makes a lasting impression. We have[...]

5 Mobile Application Metrics to Measure

Mobile app monitoring is beginning to become common practice for most mobile app developers. The amount of data that can be measured from applications[...]

Mobile Growth Summit Recap

The team spent the backend of last week up in beautiful Montreal attending the Mobile Growth Summit. We heard from some great speakers, learned a lot[...]

Boston Day 2 Recap

Yesterday was Day 2 of our Boston trip, and it did not disappoint. All of the positive momentum that we saw on day 1 definitely carried over to[...]

Boston Day 1 Recap

After a Monday filled with travel, yesterday was our first full day in Boston, and it was filled with some awesome experiences. Heres a recap of our[...]

Shipping up to Boston!

On Monday, the team is packing our bags and heading out to Boston for the week! We are opening our week with Drift’s HYPERGROWTH 2018 and[...]

How to Re-engage Your Apps Dormant Users

If you are seeing a drop off in users, it could be due to a lack of engagement between your application and your long time users. Getting users engaged[...]

Best Ways to Use Push Notifications For Your App

Push notifications can be an applications best opportunity too keep users engaged with their application. But with great power comes great[...]

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