We Improved our HubSpot Integration. Here's What you Need to Know.

We Improved our HubSpot Integration. Here's What you Need to Know.

If you know anything about AppLink.io, you know how much we love HubSpot. They were the first company we integrated with. And we have noticed that a lot of our clients are HubSpot clients as well. While our previous integration was already very strong, we knew that there was more that we could do.

And with that, we released our new and improved HubSpot integration. Here's what we added:

  • Reports

With AppLink.io’s integration with HubSpot, users are able to create tables and charts in HubSpot with the data that they are tracking in their app. These tables and charts can be added to customizable dashboards so users can see the information that they want, and not have to search through the clutter to find it. These dashboards provide a clean and efficient way for users to track the performance of their app.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications provide a great way to engage with app users by providing timely messages and helpful and relevant information. With AppLink.io’s integration, marketers can automate push notifications based on individual characteristics and behavior right from HubSpot. Automating these push notifications help marketers save time and resources, while engaging with customers at scale.

  • Real-Time Analytics

With our updated integration, all of your data is relayed in real-time. Now, you can make decisions based on data that is happening in the moment, instead of waiting to see daily or weekly numbers. Thanks to our real-time analytics, you can stay informed about your apps performance 24/7.

  • Contact Properties

With AppLink.io’s integration, custom app based contact properties are automatically created. These properties can help provide a clearer picture of an apps users by using properties like a users location, the number of times a user has opened the app as well as other custom metrics that an app wishes to track through AppLink.io.

While all of these new features are great, lets not forget where we came from. Here are some of the features we introduced with our first HubSpot integration:

  • Triggers

AppLink.io includes customizable criteria to trigger custom actions. Triggering criteria include screen views, session length, event, conversion goals or crashes. Actions can include sending emails or text messages, webhooks or enrolling a user into a defined HubSpot workflow.

  • Lists

You can also create custom lists and segment your app users based on timeline events or contact properties. Some different lists you could create include lists of high value users, low activity users or users experience crashes.

  • Timeline Events

Once a user has been linked with HubSpot, you'll be able to view their activity within the HubSpot Timeline. Timeline events include app launches, app events, screen views, conversions and crashes. You even can customize which activities appear within your timeline.

  • Workflows

Enroll app users into workflows based their contact properties or timeline events. Example enrollment criteria could include launching the app a certain number of times, viewing a particular screen, triggering an event or converting on a specific goal. 

We are SO excited to roll out our new HubSpot integration, and begin offering it to our customers. If you want to learn more about how using HubSpot can improve your app, check out our eBook!

 A Marketer's Guide to Integrating Your App With HubSpot


Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

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