What I Learned After My First 6 Months at a Startup

What I Learned After My First 6 Months at a Startup

I started with AppLink.io in June 2018 and now that it's December, it has officially been 6 months since I joined the team. And now that I have been in the startup space for half of a year, I thought I would share some of the things I picked up during my time. Here are some things that I have learned:

No Two Days Are the Same

In startups, everyday is an adventure. Some days you may be writing a blog post, and others you may be heading to Boston for a week long convention (Shout out to Inbound 2018 @HubSpot). It's important to always be on your toes and never get complacent, things can pass you by quickly if you aren't paying attention. While everything can pass by super quickly, you have to make sure to keep a cool head and roll with the punches.

Be Ready to Wear A Lot of Hats

In a startup, manpower may come at a premium, so having the ability to juggle multiple tasks is very important. Just like how we talked about no two days being the same, no task will be the same either. One second you could be developing a new Google AdWord campaign and the next you could be running a customer onboarding call, flexibility is crucial in a startup and can help everyone in the company out.

Company Culture is Crucial

How a company handles itself behind closed doors is a huge factor in their success. Creating a company culture is a great first step in ensuring that your startup is on its way to becoming a successful company. Companies that can counter long work days with a fun company culture can help build a positive culture. There can be some long grueling days for us in startups, being able to unwind is pretty important. 

Content is King

As a startup, building brand recognition is huge. And creating content is a great way to get in front of people and start building your brands image. Blogs, vlogs, social media posts, videos and podcasts are all great examples of types of content that can help boost your brand recognition.

Be Proactive

Finally, you have to be proactive. In such a fast paced setting, being a couple steps ahead is important. If you think something needs to be done, do it. If you catch a problem, solve it. Being productive can help make sure you are not caught off guard by situations that may popup unexpectedly.

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Overall I have had an awesome 6 months with AppLink.io and have learned a lot. Taking a position in a startup right out of college has provided me with a lot of opportunities and it has been a great experience working with such a young company. I can't wait to see where this company, and my position in it, goes in the upcoming years.

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

Hi, I'm Michael! I was born and raised in Minnesota, came down to Iowa to attend Drake University, where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Marketing. Self-proclaimed average golfer and IPA aficionado.

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