What is AppLink.io?

Jul 22, 2017 | Product

What is AppLink.io?

AppLink.io is a mobile app analytics tool that provides app statistics, metrics, tracking and monitoring capabilities.


AppLink.io provides a holistic view of your mobile app users by giving you the power to monitor and measure meaningful data to drive results.

Key Features

Sessions - Sessions describe each occasion that a user opens and interacts with an app. Time and activity can vary greatly, depending on the type and quality of the app.

Screen ViewsScreens represent the content users are viewing within an app. Discover your most popular screens and take advantage of the attention.

Device Usage Stats - Analyzing the device statistics will give you a better understanding of who your consumers are and their digital preferences.

Crash Reports - Tracking crash analytics as well as analyzing stack traces will help you quickly find and fix performance issues.

Mobile App CRM - AppLink.io Mobile App User CRM tracks user interactions in your app and can automatically sync your data with HubSpot or Salesforce.

Event Reporting - Any action that a user takes that can be measured. Usually referred to in the context of in-app events, or actions that consumers take within an app.

Conversion Tracking - Find the number of users who finalize their user journey with a conversion. Use the conversion rate to find what is popular and what to alter in the app.

User JourneysUser journey data demonstrates how a consumer is currently interacting with the app and can also determine how the user could interact with the app.

Easily integrate your app and CRM


Close the loop by linking experience, performance and data through your CRM. We've done all the hard work of connecting to CRM technology for you. With AppLink.io your user activity and metrics can be automatically sent to HubSpot or Salesforce where you can measure your mobile app performance in one place.

AppLink.io is currently open for beta testing. If interested, apply for our Beta Program and we'll see if we are good fits for each other.  

Adam Hass

Adam Hass

I'm a military veteran and former police officer turned entrepreneur, marketer and engineer. I taught myself programming at the age of 12 and have always been driven by a love for entrepreneurship. I joined the military after high school and served in Iraq before getting my degree from Columbia College. I'm also the founder and CEO of AppLink.io where we combine technology and marketing to deliver better results.

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